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    · 裝配

    · 測試

    · 貼標/包裝

    · 建檔/可追溯性

    · 生產過程驗證和控制

    · 軟件驗證和控制


    · 前期供應商參與

    · 供應商設計評審

    · 供應商績效評估

    · 定期供應商審計

    · 持續客戶質量反饋

    如需咨詢制造服務,請撥打電話+8615929606152,郵箱E-MAIL:15929606152 @163.com聯系我們的銷售和工程團隊,或填寫應用表格應用表格 并發送給我們,我們的工作人員將盡快與您聯系。

    No matter your own design or we do, we can according to your requirement to build, test and delivery

    Hengtong electronic sensing and control of the company to provide OEM manufacturing services, to meet customer product, component or system of quality, yield and cost objectives. We have our own manufacturing custom liquid level, pressure sensors, pressure switch, pressure transmitter can be competent for small, medium or large batch production requirements, and short delivery cycle. Our facilities are complete, conform to the ISO standard factory, they can be alone or your products at the same time, thus significantly reduce the material cost and shorten time to market. In addition, we also can specifically designated manufacturing facilities to meet the specific market requirements.

    Hengtong electronic every factory use lean production concept and process to increase production, reduce inventory, shorten the production cycle and reduce costs. Their main work areas include:


    The test,



    Validation, production process and control

    Software verification and control

    Hengtong electronic also recognized that by making sure that we continue to depth of the global supply chain, strength, quality and response capabilities, the company will ensure continued rapid customer response. Therefore, hengtong electronics is committed to fully integrated from the choice of suppliers to the final customer approved all the supply chain process. Supply chain process including:

    , the early supplier involvement

    Design review, suppliers

    Supplier performance evaluation

    Supplier audit on a regular basis

    Continuous customer quality feedback

    For consulting manufacturing services, please call + 8615929606152, MAIL E-mail: 15929606152 @ 163. com contact our sales and engineering team, or fill in application form application form and sent to us, our staff will contact you as soon as possible.